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This blog has been produced as a record for the adopted daughter we look forward to welcoming into our family when we receive our referral from China.  We want ‘Molly-May’ to understand the journey that we undertook to ensure that we were able to be her ‘forever’ parents.  Secondly, I hope to raise the issues/procedures surrounding Overseas Adoption within England inorder that other childless couples can be informed before they forge ahead with the process.

My husband and I came to the decision to adopt an infant from another country after several failed attempts at IVF and 7 years of trying to fall pregnant naturally.  One never things that it will happen to them?  That’s how I felt.  When you wanted a baby you just stopped taking the pill, that’s how it works doesn’t it?  Or so I thought…  I had a life plan like everyone else.  Mine was to go to University, get a good job, meet and marry the perfect partner, buy a house and start a family!  Only the last part of the plan didn’t work out.  Apparently it doesn’t for 1/10 couples but I have yet to befriend anyone else in our boat.  I could have written a blog about the whole fertility journey but this is much more positive as at the end of this cycle the end result is guaranteed to be mind blowing!

Why Overseas?  We wanted to experience what every parent does and that is all stages of life from birth upwards.  Unfortunately with domestic adoption there is a shortage of babies and no guarantee that you will be approved a child under the age of two.  We decided that because of the political situation in rural parts of China, with the one child policy and there being thousands of abandoned baby girls each year, which were destined to live lives within orphanages that we would go ahead with the Intercountry route.  We started our journey in January 2005.  It is now 2012 and we are still hanging on in there.  Many policy changes have affected us receiving our child from China.  Our papers were logged in China on 27th May 2007.  I was inspired to write this blog by a wonderful lady known as Rumour Queen in America.  She runs the blog.  Her site has kept me going for the last couple of years and she regularly updates the news from China and posts fantastic articles for those who have already adopted and those like myself who are still waiting.

It is now July 2013 and the direction of my blog is changing.  After over 6 years of waiting to adopt a baby from China we have decided to switch to Domestic Adoption within our own Country.  We hope that this process will be a more successful route for us and hope to be able to post exciting news over the coming months.  Our journey now goes beyond China, coming full circle back to our own origin. 



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