Born in China

Intercountry Adoption Through My Eyes and Beyond

New job!


Life is all good at the moment!  I started a new job back in Secondary, returning to my much loved subject ‘Drama’.  This school is completely different from my last contract- great kids – really responsive and at the moment a pleasure to teach!  The staff are lovely too and have made me feel really welcome.  The only down side is that it is temporary and so I mustn’t get too cosy as I am taking the place of a teacher who is currently on maternity.  I’m still working within the family business but have cut my hours down to a day a week as I’m three days in school.  The balance is perfect and the variety is brilliant, having a foot within industry as well as the routine and structure of the school environment, which I have to say, I have missed this last year!

All is going full steam ahead with the domestic adoption too.  We completed the Parenting courses this August with PACT and although there was obvious repetition from the Intercountry courses, it was good to revisit the key areas of attachment and loss.  There were 31 prospective adopters on the course and we have set up our own support group which although we haven’t tapped into yet, am sure will be helpful in the coming months!

Our Social worker completed our mid term review and so we are so happy that we have got our Saturday mornings back.  Juggling school work and adoption work was quite intense!  The next stage in our process will happen around November time when we will receive profiles of waiting children.  Although I am so excited about the reality of it all, I am anxious at the same time.  After waiting all these years, I need to make sure that I don’t get carried away and jump in too quick.  There is so much to consider this time especially regarding physical health and mental issues within the backgrounds of these children.  I’m hoping and praying that the right child will jump out and be so obvious to us that there will be absolutely no doubt about them being right for our family!

In Limbo


June is here, last day of the half term break.  Just got back from spending the week in Crete with my family.  The weather was glorious unlike the weather here in England – the raining is a constant thud on the loft windows, reminding me of the reality  of the working week ahead!  Romance suspended of  our Greek idyl!

Health is still on my mind with this wretched swollen gland and glue ear problem.  Decided to return to the Doctor to try something other than the nasal spray I’ve been given,which hasn’t really improved anything!

No news on the job front.  Had one more Primary interview but didn’t get it.  The job was given to a lady who had previously worked there.  Tend to think they were just going through the formal motions of advertising the post as a legal requirement.  Been reading up a lot about different forms of yoga and have been enjoying researching Kundalini style of yoga:

‘It’s an ancient technology designed to waken the kundalini energy we are all born with.  It’s our essence, our life force, and it lies dormant in the base chakra, at the fourth vertebra of the spine.  We need to awaken it if we want to reach our full potential, to become fully conscious and present.  Practising Kundalini can produce powerful and dramatic results very quickly.  It lifts your energy levels to new peaks, aligning your whole being until you become more awake, aware and vibrantly healthy.’  (quote from Yoga for Real life by Maya Fiennes)

After reading her fabulour book, which has some brilliant energising breathing techniques within it that really work- am eagerly awaiting the arrival of one of her DVDS from Amazon!