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Welcome to 2013! The year of the SNAKE…


So far so good.  The start of January has been extremely positive- I have begun working within the family business.  My father invented a large computerised interactive game that goes under the name of BATAK and after years of being asked to come onboard, I have finally  agreed.  It is early days but I have to say that I am surprisingly enjoying the challenge.  Many of my teaching skills, I am finding are transferrable.  For example, I have been devising a working instruction manual for the factory workers and have found it relatively easy as I approached it in the same way that I would do for a GCSE/A Level revision pack.  Liaising with the various suppliers has just been the same as Parents Consultation Evening so there are many over laps!

I received my CELTA qualification from Cambridge University yesterday and as you probably have already predicted proceeded to file it in a darkened cupboard- chalking it up to ‘an experience’!  I am looking forward to catching up with all my college chums sometime in March to hear of their progress in the field of EFL but until then I won’t be opening any GRAMMAR books up for fun!

The plan for this year is to learn as much about BATAK as possible and hopefully generate more work for the family and help to stream line the business.  To continue doing free lance Performing Arts work and to train to be a Yoga teacher at the end of the year in India, once I have saved enough money up to do the intensive course.

On the adoption front we have decided that if referrals don’t reach 2007  by the end of this year then we will have no choice but to pull out of the wait.  Christmas was really tough this year for us.  As each year  goes on and as our own ages are increasing it makes us realise that although we have the patience to wait, if it goes on too much longer then we will be too old to enjoy a youngster and that they won’t thank us for making them be the kid with the oldest parents in the playground!  Now that we have set our own deadline, we both feel much happier as one way or another we will be able to move on.

I really do want to thank all those out there that follow our progress and for all the lovely emails  that we have received that keep us hanging on in there!  Big thank yous xx

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